Inviting others to play | My Gift of Grace

Inviting others to play

My Gift of Grace is designed to help people have important conversations, but it can still be scary to ask the people you care about to play a game about life and death with you.

Here are a few ideas for how to introduce the game that we’ve heard from people who have played:

  • Be brave: Just ask. Sometimes we assume that we’re the only person who wants to have these kinds of conversations, and it turns out that many of the people we care about think they’re the only one, too. So take a deep breath and ask. You might be surprised at the response.
  • Start short: Ask a few people to play the game with you for a limited amount of time. Asking people to play for 20 minutes or a half hour can be easier than asking for an open-ended amount of time.
  • Test drive the questions: The questions in My Gift of Grace are conversation starters, and you can ask them anytime. Pick your favorite question from the deck and ask it at a dinner or on a car trip.

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Have you asked people to play My Gift of Grace with you? Tell us about your experience so we can expand this list of tips!