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“Too many Americans die badly, in ways they would never have wanted, because they never wanted to talk about it. We avoid the conversation: ‘It’s always too soon until it’s too late.’” I am backing The Action Mill because I want to give My Gift of Grace to people in my own circle of friends and family.”
—Ira Byock, MD. Palliative care physician, author of The Best Care Possible

“It’s a very unusual sort of detour from the standard practice or standard way of things. What I see, particularly with some people in the aging population, is that if you approach a conversation about the end of life it brings up a wall. So if instead what you are doing is playing a game and talking about things or activities that are important in their lives and coming at it from the direction of letting family know about their desires, it bridges a gap. Some people need a nudge.”
Dr. Karl Ahlswede, former cardiac surgeon and consultant on the My Gift of Grace project