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Brad Stulberg

“My Gift of Grace is a wonderful way for families to engage in advance care planning conversations. It provides just the right amount of structure to assist in making what can seem like a difficult conversation so much more comfortable. It is a great first step in facilitating the thinking through of wishes for future healthcare; not in the lens of death and dying, but more so in thinking about what it means to live well. I highly recommend this game to all families. It is great entertainment, and even more important, unlocks the door to what I feel like is one of the most important and impactful topics to discuss with those you love. I played with my Fiance’ last night. We both laughed and cried, and learned new things about each other after 5 years of being together. I’m excited to bring this to my parents next time I visit home.”

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Brad is a population Care consultant for a large healthcare system where his portfolio of work includes advance care planning. He has written about the importance of advance care planning in the Los Angeles Times

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