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Game events

In the course of over 100 game events held around the world, we’ve yet to encounter one where people didn’t laugh and engage in conversations they never thought they could have.

My Gift of Grace events have been held in 2014 across the US, an also in Australia, Japan, and Singapore. These events provide an opportunity for communities to come together and experience a meaningful conversation in a supportive and unthreatening environment. Events also provide an opportunity for hosts to gain media attention.

Action Mill staff leads game events for organizations. This service includes:

  • an introduction to the importance of advance care planning and conversations
  • a demonstration of game play (with an over-sized version of the game)
  • proctoring gameplay
  • a group exercise to solidify the lessons learned during the game
  • materials for continuing the conversations and planning initiated by the game

Selected media coverage of My Gift of Grace game events: