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Staff training

The Action Mill, designers of My Gift of Grace, offer on-site trainings for healthcare staff

Our trainings give healthcare staff the knowledge and skills necessary to introduce and facilitate values-based Advance Care Planning (ACP) with patients and families. Basic ACP concepts are covered, along with an introduction to the latest research on effective conversations, experiential learning with My Gift of Grace, an innovative end of life conversation game, and exercises that introduce simple steps participants can take to improve conversations about end of life wishes.


Informed and aligned staff

Cohorts of staff being introduced to a common framework and shared experiential learning will share language, knowledge, and purpose, leading to improved communication within and across roles. Surveys from past trainings show that staff feel more comfortable and empathetic toward each other after the training, and more cohesive as a team.

Improved quality of communication

A focus on quality of communication and a framework for determining quality will give staff the necessary tools to improve their skills around end of life communication and learn to navigate challenging conversations. Additionally, staff will leave with specific tools and worksheets they can continue to use to improve their communication skills.

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Over 95% of the healthcare staff who have gone through our end of life communication trainings recommend them to their colleagues. Contact us to schedule a training for your organization.